Wyrding: Agony in Being [cassette]


Wyrding: Agony in Being [cassette]


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A funereal echo emanates from deep within the abandoned outskirts of Antigo, Wisconsin. Hidden among the rusty detritus of a long-since boarded up pea canning factory you will find the Tiki Room, and nestled within its hundreds of Polynesian idols and unused bar ware resides our mournful heroes, Wyrding. A group of reunited childhood friends, Wyrding set forth to take the slow, agonic sounds of the early Finnish “funeral doom” sound, translated into a lyric-based “word ritual” setting. Performed entirely on acoustic instruments, that is to say, stripped of their predecessors’ volume and bombast, Wyrding concentrates on the style’s essence: raw emotion, atmosphere, and a distinct concentration on melody. A play on the old word for “fate” or “destiny,” Wyrding’s celestial, doomed folk sounds were derived from an aleatoric re-arranging of words, using chance to define structure. It was fate, nay, Wyrd which reunited these wayward souls, and it was Wyrd which defines their unique, mournful sound. – Jon Rosenthal

Edition of 75 cassette singles with smokey cassette shells. An edition of 25 cassettes with red cassette shells will be made available with Wyrding’s Debut LP/CD in December 2015.

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