Sea Witch: As Above…So Below [2-cassette]


Sea Witch: As Above…So Below [2-cassette]


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Sea Witch is a two-piece band hailing from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Heavily influenced by the seas that helped define their maritime region of Canada, the duo craft a unique sort of nautical doom metal, incorporating influences ranging from atmospheric black metal, folk music, and ambient drone. Their distinct sound is further set apart from that of their contemporaries with the inclusion of accordion on a few of the tracks. As Aboveā€¦ So Below marks the first physical release for Sea Witch. Each of the two cassettes included contains a complete demo by the band. Despite these being their first forays into recording, there is a sense of maturity, dexterity, and originality woven into their instrumental doom.

The cassettes were professionally duplicated on chrome plus tape. Each has the entire program repeating on both sides. The tapes are packaged in a white reel box with printed labels with a twelve page booklet. Edition of 120 copies.

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