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Laube is one of those anomalous bands that rarely cross one\\\’s path; they bring a mixed bag of influences to create something truly unique that can\\\’t really be categorized by any of the genres that could be associated with their distinct sound. The German 3-piece experiment with audio pulling from jazz, ambient noise, and drone; then slow it all down to let these dark, downtempo, slow-swinging compositions unfold organically and creep out of the speakers. They\\\’re the sort of band you could imagine playing in some dark corner of the Black Lodge in Twin Peaks – downbeat, deliberate, and with a certain veiled foreboding. This double CD reissues the two cassettes – Ausmerzen and Schwach Gerkerbt – previously issued on Justin Wright\\\’s (Expo \\\’70) Sonic Meditations Imprint.

Also available is a limited edition 3-disc version that includes the standard 2CD plus a third cdr in a debossed envelope. The cdr includes four exclusive remixes by OKR. The remixes themselves are quite remarkable, taking elements from Laube and reworking them into completely new tracks that reflect on the moods that Laube create, but explore new territories and stand up on their own. The 2CD and remix disc are housed in a handmade slipcase with the bands logo letterpress stamped on the outside. Edition of 66 copies.

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