Formication: The Eyes of Erodern Riviema [CD]

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Formication: The Eyes of Erodern Riviema [CD]


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Formication is Alec Bowman & Kingsley Ravenscroft, the miraculous electric musical ensemble from Nottingham in the UK. They create unique rhythmic, chaotic yet structured works, twisting a variety of sounds into creeped-out electronica, frozen ambience and sporadic wayward beats. The music of Formication strays into dark territory, inhabiting forgotten grounds; less of a showcase for new technology and more an essential medium for the expression of the human psyche, where the soul is the interface. Described by The Wire magazine as “sonic occultists”, they can be found “wandering a dream landscape somewhere between the ritual ambience of Coil and the electronic space drift of Tangerine Dream”. The Eyes of Erodern Riviema is a their most realized work to date and a masterpiece start to finish.

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