catalog: DOSE129
artist: Wyrding
title: s/t
format: CD/LP
release date: 3/1/2016

A funereal echo emanates from deep within the abandoned outskirts of Antigo, Wisconsin. Hidden among the rusty detritus of a long-since boarded up pea canning factory you will find the Tiki Room, and nestled within its hundreds of Polynesian idols and unused bar ware resides our mournful heroes, Wyrding. A group of reunited childhood friends, Wyrding set forth to take the slow, agonic sounds of the early Finnish “funeral doom” sound, translated into a lyric-based “word ritual” setting. Performed entirely on acoustic instruments, that is to say, stripped of their predecessors’ volume and bombast, Wyrding concentrates on the style’s essence: raw emotion, atmosphere, and a distinct concentration on melody. A play on the old word for “fate” or “destiny,” Wyrding’s celestial, doomed folk sounds were derived from an aleatoric re-arranging of words, using chance to define structure. It was fate, nay, Wyrd which reunited these wayward souls, and it was Wyrd which defines their unique, mournful sound.

– Jon Rosenthal

Agony in Being was initially released in a tiny edition by Troy Schafer’s (Wyrding, Kinit Her) Shifiting Sand Congregation imprint. Both songs were edited down to fit the business card cdr format. They are being presented here for the first time in their unedited, expanded form.

Edition of 75 cassette singles with smokey cassette shells. An edition of 25 cassettes with red cassette shells will be made available with Wyrding’s Debut LP/CD in December 2015.