catalog: DOSE021
artist: Abbs/Brown/Hardy/Jewell
title: Live At The Marquise Dance Hall
format: CDr

last summer, i was out visiting a friend in brooklyn. We were out roming around and we popped into this odd record/book store. we were looking through the record bins and heard some pretty incredible sounds coming from the back of the store. we went back there, and found these four guys playing some of the most incredible music I’ve ever heard. Tom Abbs on Contrabass, Mike Brown on Contrabass, Lathan Hardy on saxophone, and Ryan Jewell on percussion. i’m not sure I’ve seen musicians so in sync with one another before. the show was amazing. this is a recording of that that performance. if you are into free jazz and improv, you’ll likely want to check this out. 67 minutes across four tracks. edition of 88 packaged in a custom cut folded, card with insert.